Face Time 1. Any significant social contact with a superior. 2. Being seen by your boss doing something significantly productive or heroic. Contrast 'Deface Time'.
Fauxne Pas Speaking freely because you think the speakerphone is muted... but it isn't.
Fecal Gravity Crap flows downhill.
Flashturbation The superfluous use of Macromedia Flash animation on a Web site that adds little or no value. The result of a Web design team "pleasuring" itself for the sole purpose of being "cool."
Foreseeable Future A nebulous time frame used by business execs when they don't know OR don't want you to know what they plan to do next. "There are no plans for layoffs in the foreseeable future." Of course, that could mean two days, two weeks or two years.
Frendor A preferred vendor seemingly based on the fact that they regularly play golf with the boss.
Freshout A recent college graduate (i.e., "fresh out" of college).
Fritterware Software with excess capabilities that entices users to spend time tweaking their work with little or no gain in productivity. Also used to describe just about any computer game played during work hours when the boss isn't looking.
Ghost Work Following a layoff, it's the workload absorbed by the surviving staff generally with little notice or proper training.
Going Forward A favorite and overused phrase of business execs that's generally used to put bad news in the past and good news in the future. "Downsizing was necessary. Going forward, we are positioned to take advantage of changing market conditions."
Golfmail The result of forwarding your office phone, e-mail, etc. to your wireless phone, allowing you to play 18 holes while maintaining the illusion for customers (and the boss) that you're at your desk.
Googleplexity What appears to be a simple project becomes more complex after closer examination – requiring enormous resources, time and patience to complete. "It's a googleplexity."
Gridmaster To plan in obsessive detail and assign a moment-by-moment timeline for a project’s development. "James gridmastered the software project right up to its release date."
Group Hug Any meeting convened by management designed to improve morale.
Guestimate To make a projection based on assumptions (or gut feeling) -- not necessarily facts.
Ham Legitimate e-mail messages that get filtered or block-deleted in your attempt to separate the "real meat" from the spam.
Hamsterize To use manual labor in lieu of technology. Instead of spending money on technology, a company will employ a bunch of $8.00-an-hour "hamsters" to do the job.
High Level To focus on the "big picture," as in "Let's keep this discussion on a high level." Frequently used as a way to avoid discussing the details of a project by those who really don't really know what's going on.
HiPo list A group of generally younger employees thought to have High Potential (HiPo) and possessing the right stuff to become future corporate execs – after appropriate brainwashing, er, training, of course.
Hoovering The fine of art of sucking up. (Note: Hoovering, adapted from the name of a vacuum cleaner, has numerous definitions -- including a few dirty ones. This just happens to be BuzzWhack's favorite.)
Hot Desking When workers have no permanent workstation or desk and are assigned temporary workspace based on current need. The "official" corporate term is "location independent working." Among workers it's known as being homeless.
Hydraulics of the Situation An MBA buzzword meaning to understand how something works in order to make the necessary adjustments.
ID-10T error IT code word for user error. ID-10T translates to "idiot." This one started as a joke and has been passed through the Internet for years. But it has been nominated by BuzzWhack readers so many times, we're adding to our list -- just so people will quit no
Idea Hamsters People who always seem to have their idea generators running.
Inch Pebbles Small, incremental achievements. "The first step to is to break down large tasks (milestones) into multiple small tasks (inch pebbles)."
Individual Contributor Consultant-speak used to distinguish the peons who do all the work from the folks in management roles. "The project failed due to low IC morale."
Innovicide To kill a new idea. "Jack's concept was brilliant, but management committed innovicide again."
Insourcing The process of looking inside the company to find someone with the needed skills to perform a certain job. This happens a lot in an economic slowdown. "The budget's tight, we'd better insource this one."
Internet speed You’re definitely not cool if your company isn’t running at Internet speed.
Internut A term of endearment referring to those whose lives seem to have been consumed by the Internet.
Interrupt-Driven A boss who hands out assignments and never follows up on them, relying on his subordinates to interrupt him with progress reports (from Precision Blogging).
Intraview A formal sit-down with an internal job applicant to discuss his or her qualifications.
Issuematic A user-friendly substitute for "problematic" that attempts to create a positive out of a negative. "Jack's behavior is issuematic."

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