Ever wonder WHAT THE F Bob is REALLY yammering about when he comes by your office to spray you with coffee laden buzz words, which leaves you uncomfortably wiping your face (when he's not looking) & searching for an Office Idiots Dictionary?

Or the last time you were innocently standing at the urinal, and one of your 5 "Directors" violated Rule #5 of the Bathroom Code, by not only speaking to you, but using "conjugational words" that weren't really words, and even *turning his head* to do so -- which left your head spinning, and you searching frantically for a blunt object to put yourself out of misery?

If any of the above scenes sound familiar, or seem to be situations you would prefer to NEVER experience, then you've come to the right place.

So pay close attention to these here wurds & frases, because this could very well become your survival handbook someday.

And before you know it you'll feel right at home during your next Bathroom Team Builder, and leave the room by smacking Bob on the ass and telling him you'll "see him at the next 360-Degree Review just below the Adminisphere!"

And you'll find yourself in perpetual middle-management futility in no time at all. Sound good? Super.

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