Are you at the end of your noose with the idiots that seem to surround you at the office? Get nauseous about the thought of that next "Team Builder" dysfunction, or sitting through another near-death staff (infection) meeting?? Do you loathe playing "pass the birthday card", and pretending to give 2 sheets about the idiots that systematically suck your desire to exist from you on a daily basis?
Then we have good news, & horrible news. The horrible news is you're F'd. The good news is you've found a place to hide - or at least suppress reality for awhile.
Here's the deal. Just like Krispy Kreme boxes in the lounge, Idiots around the office are a dime-a-dozen - or less.
The first step is accepting the fact that we will never outnumber them - they're just too dedicated to their craft. But WE CAN UNITE, and help fellow inmates across the world feel a little less hopeless about their pathetic jackass-in-a-box (with a plastic window) of an existence. Not trying to rub it in - we're just as bitter as you are!!
So take a look around, and get comfortable, b/c we know DAMN WELL you have nothing better to do.
Need to vent? Let it rip, or just read about other people's frustrations with their co-workers in our Office Rants section.
Need a good laugh? Find some classic office jokes & funny articles from our members in our Office Jokes & Humor section.
Need some new lame-azz buzz-words to fit in with The Bobs at the next "working-lunch brainstorming-idea-generation-session"? Of course not, but if nothing else find out what NOT to ever say in our Office Vocab & Terms section. Read and submit your own.
Check our Office Pictures Gallery to identify fellow OfficeIdiots to avoid in the future. Know an Idiot that should be in the gallery? Submit your pics here.
Lookin to blow off the rest of the day, or week? Check out our Office Games/Time Killers section for your ultimate zero-productivity outlet.
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